Former NFL Star Makes Bold Accusation About the NFL's Use of Black Coaches

Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III criticized the Houston Texans' decision to fire their head coach, Lovie Smith, on Twitter. Griffin III wrote that the team's decision to let go of two black coaches in consecutive years should not be acceptable to anyone.

Robert Griffin III wrote on Twitter, "The Houston Texans have fired Lovie Smith after 1 year. Using 2 Black Head Coaches to tank and then firing them after 1 year shouldn't sit right with anyone."

The Houston Texans organization fired Coach David Culley in early 2022 after winning only four games and then fired Lovie Smith in early 2023 after a season with just three wins.

Robert Griffin III responded to some fan comments on Twitter, agreeing and disagreeing with their perspectives on the firing of Lovie Smith and the role of race in the decision. He specifically mentioned the Denver Broncos' firing of their head coach, Nathaniel Hackett, after just one year with a 5-12 record.

"Nathaniel Hackett getting fired in less than one season - no problem?" a fan on Twitter asked.

"Hackett was fired for the team underperforming MASSIVELY after trading for Russell Wilson. Roster was SUPER BOWL Contender level like the Rams and Bucs were after getting Stafford and Brady. Texans hired Culley and Lovie knowing the roster was bad, then fired them for being bad," Griffin fired back.

An NFL reporter for USA Today agreed with Griffin's thoughts on the firings and emphasized the role of race in the decision, stating, "Neither David Culley or Lovie Smith deserved to be fired. The Texans put two Black coaches in unwinnable situations and didn't even give them an opportunity to succeed."

The NFL has had as many as seven Black head coaches at the start of a season, with the most recent instance occurring in 2018. However, there have also been seasons with as few as three Black head coaches, including the start of the 2022 season. (A fourth Black coach, Steve Wilks, became the interim coach for the Carolina Panthers in October and is expected to be considered for the full-time position.)

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