Good News for High School Football Coach Suspended for 7 Years for Praying With Players

Joseph Kennedy, the Washington state public high school football coach who was suspended seven years ago for praying with players after games, is set to be reinstated according to a report from ABC News. Kennedy won a Supreme Court case on the issue.

"Kennedy is to be reinstated to his previous position as assistant coach of the Bremerton High School football team on or before March 15, 2023," according to a joint stipulation filed in Washington state district court Tuesday by attorneys representing Kennedy and lawyers for the Bremerton School District, the network said.

ABC News reached out to both sides for comment.

In June the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Kennedy 6-3. The conservative justices were in favor of Kennedy while the liberal justices opposed him.

“The Constitution and the best of our traditions counsel mutual respect and tolerance, not censorship and suppression, for religious and nonreligious views alike,” Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote for the majority, according to the outlet.

Liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor opposed the ruling say that it “sets us further down a perilous path in forcing states to entangle themselves with religion.”

Kennedy had his own views on what went down.

"This is a right for everybody. It doesn't matter if you're this religion or that religion or have no faith whatsoever," Kennedy said during an earlier interview with ABC News. "Everybody has the same rights in America."

"Just hours before what would be my last game as coach, the school district gave me an ultimatum: If I prayed after that night’s game, they would suspend me," Kennedy wrote last year in a Fox News op-ed. "As a proudly retired U.S. Marine, something inside me stirred. I would have given my life defending the religious freedom of any American, and yet that very right was denied to me. That just seemed wrong and unjust."

He added, "I did pray on that chilly October night, leading to my suspension and termination. My only recourse at that point was to seek legal action to vindicate my rights of free speech and free exercise of my religious beliefs."

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