Gov. Northam: Protestors are 'Selfish' for Endangering Others

On Tuesday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam blasted “selfish” protesters who are defying the stay-at-home and demanding that our liberties be given back. He claims they are putting frontline healthcare workers in danger. I say he is just worried that his power trip is coming to an end.

“What they’re doing at the end of the day—which I think is so selfish—they’re putting our healthcare providers, those that are in the trenches trying to save lives every day, they’re putting them at risk, and that’s wrong. I would ask them to think about that,” Northam told MSNBC.

The governor then attempted to humanize himself so that people would relate to him. He said that he is also a business owner and that he is just “as anxious as anybody else” to reopen up the economy. I don't think anyone is buying it Northam.

Breitbart reports:

Northam said he respects the First Amendment rights of Virginians but the state needs to open up “safely” to put the health of Virginians first.

Northam added that he feels Virginia is fighting a “biological war without the supplies” and said the “mixed messages” coming from President Donald Trump and his administration in Washington were “counterproductive.”

That's funny. He claims that he respects the First Amendment, but he sure doesn't care about the Second Amendment! Be careful who you trust with your freedoms, folks!

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