Hillary Spends Benghazi Anniversary Mocking America: 'I Found My Emails'

Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt psychopaths of our lifetime, is now making jokes about her negligence for national security intelligence. To make things even worse, she did so on the anniversary of her Benghazi scandal, in which four American lives were lost, thanks to her.

Clinton participated in an "art" exhibit, which consisted of her sitting behind a fake Oval Office Resolute Desk, reading her deleted emails. She also tweeted about with the caption, "Found my emails at the Venice Biennale. Someone alert the House GOP."

The artist who orchestrated the display, Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, told The Hill, "In the digital age, making these documents available to everyone in a touchable format is a way to focus on something concrete in order to exit the impalpable toxicity of ideological narratives."

He said, "The exhibition is a way to allude to an alternative world that will never exist. We are happy that the real Hillary Clinton has been part of this image full of possibilities. Visiting HILLARY by Kenneth Goldsmith, she has not only been in front of her emails. The exhibition is indeed the portrait of a powerful woman, but also the portrait of a historical change in our understanding of notions such as transparency, propaganda, public and private space.”

Seriously? So this is all being taken as a big joke now?? Lives were lost at the very hands of this walking pantsuit, and she put the entire country at risk by sending classified information over private servers, and they think it's funny?

In 2016, former FBI Director James Comey actually said,"There is evidence they [Clinton and staff] were extremely careless in their handling of classified information. Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. Prosecutors necessarily weigh a number of factors before deciding whether to bring charges."

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"One hundred-and-ten emails in 52 email chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received." He continued, "Eight of those chains contained information that was top secret, at the time they were sent, 36 of those chains contained secret information and eight contained confidential information at the time."

Yet she was cleared of the charged, and now makes a mockery of it all. She is a truly sickening human being.