Pocahontas and the Pantsuit: Clinton Allegedly Coaching Warren on Election

According to reports, Senator Elizabeth Warren is allowing former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to coach her on the upcoming election.

I find this wildly hilarious considering Clinton already lost an election to Donald Trump. Not to mention, the woman should be behind bars for all of her corruption. We are still waiting to see the 33,000 emails she deleted. When will those be surfacing?

According to Breitbart, several of the potential Democratic 2020 candidates met with Hillary Clinton earlier this year. However, she has kept in contact with Warren over the last several months. Perhaps she was coaching them on how to lose properly? Or maybe she was relaying to them the best time to start deleting their emails as to not get caught.

NBC News reports:

One source was aware of just one additional call between Warren and Clinton since then. But a person who is close to Clinton said the contact has been substantial enough to merit attention, describing a conversation between the two as seemingly recent because it was “front of mind” for her.

“That has clearly not gone unnoticed, and I think she really appreciates that,” the person close to Clinton said.

“To the extent that Democratic primary voters fear a repeat scenario in 2020 — and to the extent that she’s competing with Sanders for the votes of progressives — there may be good reason for Warren to keep her distance from Clinton publicly,” NBC News reported.

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Massachusetts Democratic Party Vice Chair, Deb Kozikowski, told the station, “Hillary Clinton would absolutely have influence over a number of delegates to this convention." She continued, “It would be counterproductive for the first woman nominee of the party to not be supportive of a woman who may go over that threshold."

According to a Democrat strategist who spoke to NBC News on the condition of anonymity, Clinton admires Warren’s campaign.

“She has applauded her about being serious and disciplined and loves that she is sticking to her guns,” the strategist said.

Of course Warren's campaign team refused to provide any details regarding the matter of her relationship with Clinton. ”