HIV Positive Teacher Rapes, Infects Student Only Sentenced to 9 Months in Prison

A Tennessee dance teacher raped a 16-year-old student back in 2015, and also infected him with HIV, back in 2015. On Friday, he finally received his sentence: nine months in prison. That's it. He ruined someone's life and he only has to serve nine months behind bars.

John Conner III, now 30, has been ordered to register as a sex offender for life as well. However, that's a minuscule price to pay after what he did.

Crime Online reports: 

Conner had been aware of his HIV-positive status since 2012 but did not tell the victim before having unprotected sex with him several times. WMC reported that the pair continued to send each other sexually-explicit photos and messages until August 2016, when the victim learned of Conner’s HIV-positive status and informed his parents that he should get tested.

Late last year, Conner pleaded guilty to charges of criminal exposure to HIV, statutory rape by an authority figure, and solicitation of a minor.

Reports indicated that Conner appeared on one episode of the Lifetime reality television show “Bring It.” Conner’s Memphis-based dance team was featured on the show.

So he got an episode of Lifetime. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't make a whole movie out of him one day. A diseases riddled predator rapes and infects a minor, and gets off nearly scot-free. I'd say it would be of interest of the channel.

As if that isn't bad enough, Conner is also facing identical charges against two other victims who are 17 and 24.

What I can't understand is why so many are doing heinous crimes and getting off makes no sense. A North Dakota man was sentenced to a measly four years in prison after he abused and raped an infant according to Bismarck Tribune.

Andrew Glasser, 33, gave an ‘Alford plea’ to sexual assault on Monday. The Tribune explained, “Under an Alford plea, a defendant does not admit guilt but agrees that the evidence would produce a guilty verdict if presented to a jury. Courts treat it as a guilty plea.”

Fox 5 Atlanta reports:

A report was filed in October 2017 claiming the baby had several injuries including her ribs, femur, tibia and fibula in one leg. The Tribune reported there was also an injury ‘evident of sexual abuse.’

How is it that he was only sentenced four years?? He should have been shot on the spot!

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