Tom Arnold Responds to Trump Tweet With Veiled Reference to Kennedy Assassination

Actor Tom Arnold suffers from one of the most serious cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome in the entire world. He responded to a President Donald Trump tweet on Thursday by suggesting someone might assassinate him.

President Trump tweeted about the large crowds showing up to get into his Dallas rally. Arnold's response was, “Don’t get too cocky traitor. They showed up for JFK too.”

tom arnold

Arnold was making a reference to Kennedy's assassination, which happened in November of 1963 in Dallas while his motorcade was passing through the city.

Before Arnold tweeted this Dallas police officers detained a man carrying a variety of weapons near President Trump's rally. This serious threat was averted before this many could cause harm.

UFC fighter Ben Askren questioned whether the crazed man was Tom Arnold.

Arnold responded by stating that he's a real man since he doesn't carry a gun. He then fired shots at President Trump and Askren.

Tom Arnold trashes President Trump in an effort to stay relevant. His Twitter feed just puts on full display that Trump lives rent free in his mind.

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Arnold is part of a group of celebrities that formed an Impeachment Task Force. Their goal is to push back against President Trump on social media.

Talk about peak insanity.