Hot Mic Caught Hilarious Play Call From Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs clinched their third Super Bowl in four years. They edged out the San Francisco 49ers, 25–22, in an overtime match in Las Vegas. The game's finale was a nail-biter.

Mahomes remained unflappable before delivering the game-winning touchdown. His performance was stellar.

A highlight from NFL Films shows Mahomes in the huddle, casually delivering a memorable play call: "The ol’ Tom and Jerry." It's a moment Chiefs fans won't easily forget.

Check it out:

Fans were thrilled with the play call.

The victory was a testament to the team's resilience. Trailing by three in the final quarter, the Chiefs mounted a comeback. Their defense, pivotal in the game's closing moments, forced a turnover that set the stage for Mahomes' heroics.

In overtime, Kansas City's strategy was clear. They aimed to control the clock and tempo. This approach paid off when Mahomes found his receiver in the end zone, securing the win.

After the game, celebrations erupted both on the field and across Kansas City. Fans hailed the victory as another chapter in the Chiefs' growing dynasty. The win not only highlighted Mahomes' brilliance but also the team's depth and versatility.

This Super Bowl victory cements the Chiefs' status as an NFL dynasty. With Mahomes at the helm, the future looks bright for Kansas City.