'I Had Black Friends': 2024 Republican Candidate With Cringe Response to Civil War Question

Nikki Haley, running for president, said she "had Black friends". She talked about this when asked about her past words on the Civil War.

Haley was on the show "CNN Town Hall". There, she answered questions about her 2024 campaign. Erin Burnett, the CNN host, asked Haley about Chris Christie's comment. Christie had said Haley avoids upsetting people, especially about the Civil War.

The former South Carolina Governor disagreed with being called someone who doesn't want to upset others. But, she admitted she should have mentioned slavery when talking about the Civil War. Haley added that she grew up in South Carolina with "Black friends". She pointed out the state's significant history with slavery.

Haley said, "No one's ever said that I am unwilling to offend. I offend plenty of people because I call people out when they do something wrong. What I will tell you is Chris Christie is from New Jersey. I should have said slavery right off the bat."

“But if you grow up in South Carolina, literally in second and third grade, you learn about slavery. You grow up and you have, you know, I had Black friends growing up. It is a very talked about thing. We have a big history in South Carolina when it comes to you know, slavery, when it comes to all the things that happened with the Civil War, all that. I was over — I was thinking past slavery, and talking about the lesson that we would learn going forward. I shouldn’t have done that.”

During her campaign in New Hampshire, someone asked Nikki Haley about the Civil War. Haley, who was once the governor of South Carolina, got criticized. This was because she said the war was about "how the government was run" and didn't talk about slavery.

Later, Haley changed her position. She agreed that she should have talked about slavery. But, she also wondered if the person who asked the question was secretly working for the Democrats.

Haley's Chances in 2024

Nikki Haley's chances in the 2024 presidential race are influenced by several factors. As a former governor of South Carolina and a former U.N. Ambassador, she brings notable political experience to the table. Her background could appeal to a broad spectrum of voters, including those seeking a candidate with both domestic and international experience. However, her chances also depend on the dynamics within the Republican party and the overall political landscape leading up to the elections.

One of the key challenges Haley faces is distinguishing herself in a potentially crowded Republican field. She will need to carve out a unique position to stand out, if she wants to have any chance to defeat Donald Trump. Her policy positions, campaign strategy, and ability to connect with the Republican base will be crucial in determining her success. Haley's approach to key issues like the economy, foreign policy, and social issues will be watched closely by voters and could significantly impact her appeal.

Haley's recent comments and how she handles controversial topics could also affect her chances. Her handling of questions about the Civil War and her acknowledgment of needing to mention slavery could sway voter opinion, positively or negatively. It's essential for her to navigate these sensitive historical and racial topics carefully, as they can be decisive for many voters.

Overall, Haley's chances in the 2024 election are not just about her political stance but also about her ability to resonate with a diverse and evolving Republican electorate. The political climate, her campaign strategy, and her responses to pressing issues will all play significant roles in shaping her prospects in the race.