Iconic Golf Comedy Sequel Officially Greenlit, Headed to Netflix

I absolutely love 90s sports movies, and today I'm thrilled to share that Netflix has greenlit "Happy Gilmore 2" with Adam Sandler returning as the iconic golf enthusiast.

The announcement of "Happy Gilmore 2" had me over the moon. I recently watched "Happy Gilmore" again, purely out of love, marking probably my 50th viewing.

The rivalry between Gilmore and Shooter McGavin is legendary. There's even a Shooter McGavin account on X (formerly Twitter) that's pure gold.

If I had a say, I'd make Shooter McGavin a dual lead. Christopher McDonald was born for this role. To me, he is Shooter McGavin, through and through.

Sadly, we've lost several stars from the original, including Carl Weathers and Bob Barker. Their absence will definitely be felt in the sequel.

One of my favorite dubs comes from this film: "The price is wrong, BOBBY!" It's iconic, just like "Strike this GUY out!" from "Major League."

Despite the absence of Weathers and Barker, the return of Sandler and McDonald in their iconic roles is enough to make "Happy Gilmore 2" a must-see.