Schiff to Senate: Dershowitz Not a 'Reputable Constitutional Law Expert'

House impeachment manager Adam Schiff is doing the most in trying to skew the impeachment trial in the Senate. It seems like every few hours he is finding a new reason why someone can't be part of the trial. In reality, we shouldn't even be having the trial in the first place!

The congressman is now trying to get rid of Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz because he is not a "reputable constitutional law expert." Ummmm, okay then.

The White House, an Dershowitz, argued that "abuse of power" is not an offense worthy of impeachment according to the U.S. Constitution. You know it's bad when even Democrats are siding with Trump in this whole bogus scenario.

Schiff argued, "Now they also made the argument that you’ll also hear more later on from, apparently, Professor [Alan] Dershowitz that, “Well, abuse of power is not an impeachable offense.”

"It’s interesting that they had to go outside the realm of constitutional lawyers and scholars to a criminal defense lawyer to make that argument because no reputable constitutional law expert would do that," he continued. "Indeed, the one they called in the House, Republicans called in the House, Jonathan Turley, has said exactly the opposite. There’s a reason Jonathan Turley is not sitting at the table, much to his dismay, and that is because he doesn’t support their argument! So they’ll cite him for one thing but ignore him for the other."

Breitbart reports:

[Turley] did argue that abuse of power is impeachable. But in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Turley also said that under the Democrats’ absurdly low standard in the impeachment of President Trump, every single American president — from President George Washington to President Barack Obama — could have been impeached.

 “It’s not that abuse of power can never be an impeachable offense," Turley said, "You just have to prove it. And you haven’t.”

Dershowitz is widely recognized not just as a “criminal defense lawyer” but as a leading scholar on constitutional law, among other subjects. The Harvard Law School website cites Dershowitz’s work: “In addition to his numerous law review articles and books about criminal and constitutional law, he has written, taught and lectured about history, philosophy, psychology, literature, mathematics, theology, music, sports – and even delicatessens.”

I'll just be glad when this whole ridiculous mess is over and we can vote for Trump once again.