Iconic Museum Caves to the Woke, Renames Christmas Exhibit

London's iconic Museum of the Home has officially caved to the woke and is renaming its Christmas exhibit to the "Winter Festival" in hopes of being "more inclusive."

"Britain’s museum sector has been completely captured by the woke cult," Toby Young, the founder of the U.K.'s Free Speech Union, said Sunday to The Sun.

The museum announced it will "celebrate Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Lunar New Year and learn how they are marked at home," according to the report from The Sun.

Last year the museum changed its name from the Geffrye Museum to the Museum of the Home in hopes of avoiding association with 1600s slave owner Robert Geffrye.

"Because Robert Geffrye didn’t create the museum, it was an easier decision," Sonia Solicari, the museum's director, said at the time. "It’s not his collection, [and] he may or may not have liked the idea of a museum in his almshouses."

There is still a statue of Geffrye sitting above the door of the rear entrance of the building. The museum has expressed the desire to have it removed as well.

"We believe there is potential to retain the statue on site but in an alternative and less prominent space, where we can better tell the full story of the history of the buildings and Robert Geffrye's life, including his involvement in transatlantic slavery," the museum said in a statement last year, per a report from the BBC. "We are confronting, challenging and learning from the uncomfortable truths of the origins of the museum buildings, to fulfill our commitment to diversity and inclusion."