Ilham Omar Blames President Trump for Death of an Infant Who is Still Alive

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar blamed President Trump for the death of an infant who is still alive. She immediately corrected herself after the bonehead mistake.

The "Squad" member tweeted an article from the New York Times on Thursday that discussed a nine-month-old baby named Elijah who lost his medical coverage from Medicaid.

A nine month old died as a direct result of Trump’s cuts to Medicaid and [the Children’s Health Insurance Program],” tweeted Omar. “He is one of a million children to lose healthcare. Let that sink in.”

There is not a single mention of the death of Elijah in the article. It talked about his visit to a Texas hospital and how his mother is upset about the loss of her son's medical coverage.

Omar's quick response to her flub up was "almost died*."

“I went to the ER thinking he had insurance,” Kristin Johnson said to the Times. “If the receptionist had not seen him turning blue, she might have just said, ‘He’s not covered, so we can’t see him today.’ I do think about that.”

It's mentioned that the loss of coverage could have been because of her mother failing to respond to a letter that was asking for proof of income.

The Times did at least admit that the Trump administration has not “explicitly tried to limit” medical coverage given to children by Medicaid.

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As usual the left slings mud at President Trump and worries about details later. This turned out to be a massive lie. Don't count on an apology coming from Omar. That's not part of the Squad's shtick.