WATCH: Border Patrol Releases a Video Proving AOC Lied to America

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez worked herself up into a frenzy about the border conditions. It comes as no surprise to many that AOC lied and Border Patrol released a video proving this.

BlazeTV released a video that thoroughly debunks the lies of AOC. Check it out:

Is anything the left ever does genuine? The other time she went down by the border and forced out some crocodile tears in a staged photo shoot to show her sympathy for our neighbors to the south.

When will she learn this stuff is going to be exposed? As soon as she made these claims she was challenged to show some proof. That way she know if she's lying. If she wasn't lying then charges needed to be pressed on the guilty parties. Well it turns out she was lying.

The Border Patrol agent wasn't the first person to claim AOC is lying. Last week Hispanic pastors claimed that she was lying. They said the border facilities were humane and not concentration camps.

Democrats just love to throw out phrases that should be saved for very dire situations. "Concentration camps" or "Nazis" are ways that Dems describe things way too much.

What will AOC lie about next? Stay tuned because it will surely be coming soon. The bad part is people in her party look up to her and trust what she says as truth. And all she is doing is driving hate and dividing the country.