Ilhan Omar: 'America Won't be the Country of White People'

Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is blaming President Trump and white people for the recent synagogue shootings. 

“This is not going to be the country of white people,” she ranted during a rally in D.C. on Tuesday, "At this moment, the occupant of the White House and his allies are doing everything that they can to distance themselves and misinform the public from the monsters that they created that is [sic] terrorizing the Jewish community and the Muslim community."

She forgot to mention that both shooters were openly against Trump and neither committed the crimes in support of him. In addition to that, Trump is a huge supporter of Israel and the Jewish faith. His son-in-law and grandchildren are Jewish, for goodness sake.

Summit News reports: 

Omar went on to emphasize that she was a “refugee” and an “immigrant” from Somalia, which she said Trump would call a ‘shithole country’.

Omar is still whining about Trump drawing attention to her absurd statement that 9/11 was “some people (who) did something” as if she is the victim.

For weeks, the media has helped Omar push the narrative that criticism of her is tantamount to inciting violence and far worse than her original ludicrous statement.

Just imagine the outcry if the roles were reversed. She screams that America “was founded on the history of Native American genocide, on the backs of black slaves,” and that, “This is not going to be the country of white people.”

However, if it had been a white Conservative who made such a statement about any other race or religion, there would be outrage.

What a double sided field these liberals play on.

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Article Credit: Think Americana