Iraqi Girls as Young as Nine are Sold for Sex in Temporary 'Pleasure Marriages'

Iraqi girls as young as nine years old are sold for sex in temporary "marriages" that can be as short as an hour, according to a BBC documentary.

Films of sharia clerics offering "pleasure marriages" where men are able to paw a dowry for an interim wife. These men are usually banned from having sex outside marriage.

One of the clerics claimed there would be "no problem at all" if one of the men was to marry a girl as young as nine years old, according to Islamic law.

Even though this practice is banned in Iraq, 8 of 10 Shia clerics who were approached were willing to make this happen. One of the ten was even willing to help procure young girls.

This is a religious rite that dates back centuries. it's set up to allow men to have a legit relationship while they are not close to their wives.

More on the story per Daily Mail:

One cleric in Karbala, an important religious site in Iraq, told the undercover BBC journalist that girls as young as nine could be subject to the procedure. 

'According to Sharia, there's no problem,' he said, when asked if it was acceptable to conduct a temporary marriage with a young girl. 

When the reporter voiced concern that he was exploiting the girl, the cleric told him: 'No way'.  

Another cleric, also filmed secretly, was asked if a temporary marriage with a 13-year-old virgin would be permissible under Islamic law. 

'Just be careful she doesn't lose her virginity,' the cleric replied, suggesting other forms of sexual interaction instead.

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This is absolutely disgusting and the left wants to let these people stampede into our country. They have no idea about life in the Western world and have no intention of assimilating.