ISIS Punishes Four Christian Children for Not Converting to Islam by Beheading Them

In case you need a reminder of how diabolical ISIS is, here it is. ISIS punished four Christian children for not denouncing Jesus by beheading them. This was reported on Fox & Friends.

A great point made by Fox News is when they question where the outrage is. This is a massive story and should be blasted all over the planet to show how awful ISIS is. Somehow there is barely a mention of it with the mainstream media.

Father Jonathan Morris makes some great remarks about these four children under the age of 14. These children could have denounced Jesus and been set free. The children loved God so much that they refused and instead died. Father Morris finds it very inspiring.

Tucker Carlson points out that this is seen all over the world. And that the left doesn't even see this as a headline.

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We are doing our part to make sure these awful stories are exposed. Do your part and share this to show just how ruthless ISIS and Islam is.

As for these four children, we have them and their families in our thoughts and prayers.