ISIS Takes Credit for Cairo Cathedral Suicide Bombing that Killed 25 Christians

On Sunday, a very prominent Orthodox cathedral in Cairo was was bombed by Islamists. ISIS takes credit for Cairo cathedral suicide bombing that killed 25 Christians. There were several children in attendance at the church service at St. Mark's.

Later there was video of the bomb blast posted online.

Cairo Orthodox Cathedral Bombing

The Islamic State took credit for the bombing of men, women and children. Per Reuters:

Islamic State claimed responsibility on Tuesday for a suicide bombing at Cairo’s main Coptic cathedral on Sunday that killed at least 25 people.

The militant group said in a statement carried by its news agency Amaq that a suicide bomber whom it identified as Abu Abdallah al-Masri had detonated his explosive belt inside the church.

“Every infidel and apostate in Egypt and everywhere should know that our war … continues,” it said.

The Interior Ministry identified the bomber on Monday as 22-year-old student Mahmoud Shafik Mohammed Mostafa, and said he was a supporter of the banned Muslim Brotherhood political movement who had joined a militant cell while on the run from police.

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