James Woods Eviscerates Virginia Governor Over Policy of Killing Babies After Birth

In a radio interview on Wednesday Virginia Governor advocated for the murder of newborn babies. In response James Woods eviscerates him on Twitter.

Democrats have been convincing young women that their babies are a "clump of cells" and it's "their choice" to dispose of the cells. They are now advocating for the practice of infanticide, which is the murder of born-alive babies.

Governor Northam was asked about a new bill that would allow third trimester abortions in Virginia. The radio host pointed out that Kathy Tran, a lawmaker in the Virginia House of Delegates, proposed a new bill that would allow the mother to abort (kill) the baby within minutes of it being born.

Northam argued that the murder of babies after birth should be allowed.

Conservative actor James Woods fired back with an incredible response. He gave Governor Northam two options:

a) we can give the Governor of Virginia the benefit of the doubt and say he misspoke
b) have him arrested for openly promoting mass murder. Once a baby is BORN and “comforted,” to end its life is unequivocally murder.

Remember during the presidential debates between President Donald Trump and two-time loser when he called out her absurd stance on abortions? Here's a reminder if you missed it.

At the time people thought it was crazy, but a couple years later the Democrats are taking things a step further. And it's a huge step.