Jim Carrey: 'McConnell Responsible for More Deaths than Bin Laden'

Actor Jim Carrey has officially fallen off his rocker, folks. The man provided much comic relief throughout my childhood in movies like Dumb and Dumber and my all-time favorite Christmas move, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. However, he seems to have fallen down the liberal rabbit hole and he's pretty far gone.

Carrey tweeted out on Wednesday about the terror attacks of 9/11, a day which we hold in perpetual grieving. Instead of speaking about how terrible the act was or offering his grievances, he took the moment to attack Republican Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell.

In fact, he tried to liken McConnell to Osama Bin Laden, but WORSE. That's right, he's trying to say that McConnell is responsible for more deaths than the man behind the worst terroristic attack on United States soil.

“10,000 gun deaths in 2019 and the year is far from over." He wrote, "What Osama bin Laden did to us was terrible but he doesn’t hold a candle to Mitch McConnell.” The tweet was complete with a photo portraying a candle and a hand holding a $100 bill being dipped in blood.

Breitbart reports:

The Sonic the Hedgehog star’s latest politically charged drawing comes in the wake of the horrific shooting in Midland-Odessa, Texas, that saw and a gunman kill seven people and injured 22 others. It also comes after San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voting to unanimously declare the National Rifle Association (NRA) a terrorist organization.

Jim Carrey, though has long targeted the NRA. Last March, Carrey called NRA head Wayne LaPierre a “demon from hell.” A month earlier, the Dumb and Dumber star shared a blood-soaked painting of a bullet hole-riddled schoolgirl over an American flag.

How Carrey can even equate the two is honestly beyond me. It seems like he lost his mind after his ex-girlfriend killed herself. As tragic as that was, I think he let it bother him to the point of insanity.

The saddest part of it all is that Jim Carrey and the left ACTUALLY believe all this ridiculous rhetoric.

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