Jordan Peterson Reveals What Baffled Him About 'Elitist Leftist Types'

Famed Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson is puzzled by the intense dislike for former President Trump in America.

Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, is a divisive figure. He is adored by his supporters but deeply loathed by many on the far-left. Peterson thinks American elitists are upset that Trump, a brash businessman from Queens, has found success.

"The level of hatred for Trump is mysterious to me. I can't fully understand it. It's partly about class. Elitists are annoyed that someone like Trump has entered the top ranks of society," Peterson told Fox News Digital.

"Trump is a brash, salesman-like character, right? He ran 'The Apprentice' for years. He's a huckster, but not in a negative sense," Peterson added. "America's greatness involves selling, and the downside of a salesman is being a huckster."

Peterson says Trump "balances between a salesman and a huckster," which frustrates liberals.

"Especially the anti-capitalist, elitist leftists," he said, adding that there are other reasons why Trump infuriates many liberals.

"Is it Trump's rough demeanor? That’s part of it. Is it his effective, and sometimes useful, bullying? It's also that he's seen as lower-class," Peterson noted. "The elite hate that, feeling he taints their space. It's complex with many layers."

Peterson, with decades of experience in psychology, admits he doesn't entirely grasp why Trump is so polarizing. However, he believes that Trump's conviction in New York v. Trump is "terrible" for America's trust.

"Trust in major institutions has eroded significantly over the past five years. People don't trust the medical or psychological communities, higher education, media, government, or judiciary," he said.

"Societies where trust collapses become poor and endangered. It's very bad. Building and maintaining institutional trust is tough," Peterson continued. "I believe the Trump trial will cause another 30% of Americans to lose faith in the judiciary, which is disastrous."

Trump was convicted on all counts after the Manhattan DA charged him with 34 counts of falsifying business records. Trump, who pleaded not guilty and maintains his innocence, has called the process "rigged."

"Trump supporters feel, and rightly so, 'If they can persecute the person I voted for and would vote for again, what's to stop them from persecuting me?' It's a valid concern," Peterson said.

Recently, Peterson shared his views on "Trump Derangement Syndrome" on X.

"TDS is a condition caused by making @realDonaldTrump a bigger villain than the worst possible actions of @TheDemocrats. It justifies the left's behavior," he wrote, suggesting Trump critics believe "no matter how bad we act, Trump would be worse."

"Trump has to be Hitler," Peterson wrote.

"Why? Because @TheDemocrats have become so ideologically corrupt that they need such a comparison to paint their main opponent as more dangerous than they are," he continued. "Trump Derangement Syndrome: Because no matter how awful we are, he has to be worse."