Joy Reid: Winsome Sears a ‘Get out of Racism Free Card’ for GOP

On Thursday, MSNBC host Joy Reid completely disregarded all of the hard work and accomplishment of Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears and reduced her to being the GOP’s “get out of racism free card while Republicans nationwide make ban all history that shows any white person doing anything wrong to black people ever their 2022 mantra.”

How about the fact that she is an immigrant, a marine veteran, or the first black woman to hold be elected as a statewide official in Virginia? Instead of acknowledging that Sears is a force to be reckoned with, Reid has tried to minimize her to simply being a "get out of jail free" card because she is a Republican.

Reid claimed that Republicans are “rolling out their latest can’t call it racist card in the form of the newly-elected black lieutenant governor, the former national chair of Black Americans to Re-Elect Trump. It’s the latest version of the right’s tried and tired, look at that black person, you see them standing right there, right? They’re black, that they deployed when Trump’s soon-to-be Chief of Staff Mark Meadows physically displayed a silent black woman to prove that Trump was not a racist, back when he was a congressman. And now, this AR-15-wielding L.G. will be their new get out of racism free card while Republicans nationwide make ban all history that shows any white person doing anything wrong to black people ever their 2022 mantra.”

She added, “What Republicans are now doing is they basically demand credit any time any of them ever voted for anybody black or if there’s a black guy on the Supreme Court that’s conservative. Any black conservative is supposedly — or the black president having ever been elected, right, the fact that he was elected period means there’s no racism. And even if they’re literally trying to ban books about black people and saying you cannot talk about the black experience, we’re going to cut that out of schools because white people don’t like it, they still want credit. They still want to be able to say it’s not racist.” And that voters in Virginia “had a choice of two brown/black people and you picked one of them. Do you get credit? Do you get special credits? Like I had ice cream or cake as two options, but I want credit for lowering my calorie count because I picked ice cream. You had two choices, and they were both black.”

When something doesn't fit the left's agenda, they twist it until it does. Prime example.

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