Kiss of Death? Tulsi Gabbard Gets Endorsement From KKK Leader David Duke

An endorsement from a white supremacist isn't something any of the 2020 candidates are looking for. Whether she wants it or not Democratic 2020 hopeful Tulsi Gabbard received an endorsement from KKK leader David Duke.

Duke took to twitter and said, "Tulsi Gabbard in 2020. Finally a candidate for President who will really put America First?"

“Tulsi Gabbard is currently the only Presidential candidate who doesn’t want to send White children off to die for Israel,” the former Grand Wizard also tweeted.

Gabbard wasted no time getting caught up in this mess.

“I have strongly denounced David Duke’s hateful views and his so-called ‘support’ multiple times in the past, and reject his support,” Gabbard said to the The Post in a statement released on Tuesday.

“Publicizing Duke’s so-called ‘endorsement’ is meant to distract from my message: that I will end regime-change wars, work to end the new cold war and take us away from the precipice of a nuclear war, which is a greater danger now than ever before.”

The Samoan Gabbard served in the U.S. Army National Guard from 2004 to 2005.

This isn't the first time Duke has mentioned Gabbart. She rejected his endorsement and called his white nationalism "pure evil."

Donald Trump once faced this same situation when he received an endorsement from David Duke. The left then played mental gymnastics in order to label Trump a white supremacist. A game they still take part in.

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It's important to realize that she did not ask for this endorsement. Don't use the same nonsense tactics of the left and hold this against her. She obviously has no ties to David Duke and wants to keep it that way.