Krispy Kreme and Hershey Pair Up and Announce Iconic Collabration

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts just launched a new "Chocomania" collection. It's a collaboration with Hershey's, featuring four chocolate-packed donuts.

Starting February 19, these treats will be up for grabs at participating stores. The lineup includes the Hershey's galaxy brownie, black & white chocolate chip dream, chocolate cake overload, and chocolate iced donut.

The Hershey's galaxy brownie donut is stuffed with dark fudge brownie pieces, coated in chocolate icing, and topped with brownie bits and sprinkles.

Next, the black & white chocolate chip dream features an original donut with white icing, Hershey's chocolate drizzle, and mini chocolate chips.

The chocolate cake overload is an old-fashioned cake donut dipped in milk chocolate icing and topped with dark chocolate fudge buttercream.

The Hershey's chocolate iced donut is a classic treat dipped in milk chocolate icing and finished with a chocolate drizzle.

Dave Skena, Krispy Kreme's global chief brand officer, celebrates the collaboration. "For chocolate and doughnut lovers, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Hershey's chocolate is the ultimate pairing," he stated.

Skena also emphasized, "But our ‘Chocomania’ collection is on an entirely new level."

These limited-time donuts are available through March 10. You can find them in stores or order for pickup or delivery via the Krispy Kreme app.

For those not close to a store, a 6-pack of the collection is delivered daily to participating grocery stores.