WATCH: Director of National Intelligence Calls Eric Swalwell 'Congresswoman'

Sometimes you can't help but laugh at the Democrats. Especially when the Director of National Intelligence calls one of them "Congresswoman."

Since Trump Russia has pretty much wrapped up, the Democrats have fired up a new witch hunt. This one came from a fake whistleblower that claims President Trump tried to force the Ukrainian president into investigating Joe and Hunter Biden.

President Trump stymied their effort by releasing the transcripts. Not even close to what the left was hoping for. Not even a scent of quid pro quo.

The left has never let facts get in the way of a good hit job on President Trump.

Earlier today Adam Schiff made up a fake phone conversation that took place between President Trump and the Ukraine President. Shortly later he admitted it was a "parody" joke. Only after facing intense backlash.

Today it was acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire in the hot seat. He was being questioned by lawmakers on Thursday.

Things became really weird when loser 2020 Democratic candidate Eric Swalwell got a crack at Maguire. Then they became hilarious when Maguire referred to Swalwell as "Congresswoman."

Joseph Maguire Refers to Eric Swalwell as Congresswoman

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It's hard to think of a buffoon that deserves this more.