WATCH: Liberals Are Asked if are Proud to be an American - Their Answers Are Despicable

Most conservatives are proud of their country and proud to be an American. Liberals, not so much. In this video liberals are asked if they love America. Their answers are predictably bad and predictably un-American.

This was put together by Prager U. The interviewer is Will Witt. Check it out.

Liberals Are Asked are Proud to be an American

"The women," is a great response. Witt agrees and many others would. American women are celebrated not only in America but all over the world. They are also celebrated by all types of musicians from country to hip hop.

It all goes downhill from there. Person after person states that they are not proud to be an American.

What kind of reasons? Donald Trump was a recurring theme. Capitalism was another response. Some claim they are being sold a fake dream. Another claim is white people an advantage.

There was one person who was proud to be an American. He just so happened to be the first person in this country to be born in America.

Witt asked two men if patriotism is a good thing. Of course, they said no, without even thinking. Their response?

“It creates division. It’s like religion,” one of the men replies.

Seriously? Patriotism in America creates division?

Obviously this was in SoCal. Would he receive these same answers in other parts of the country?