Maine Rolls Back Gun Laws, Now Deemed 'Safest State'

Maine has officially topped the 'safest states' rankings after they rolled back their strict gun laws about four years ago.

The state passed a "Constitutional Carry" law in 2015, which ultimately allows residents to conceal carry their firearm without first having a concealed carry license. Of course there was opposition, mainly from Democrats, that the law would be dangerous and put children at risk. One representative even stated that it would make residents afraid to go into public or work.

Maine Examiner reports: 

Another state representative suggested the law would lead to violent criminals with recent arrests and convictions legally carrying handguns.

Jokes on them though! Now that more people carry, quality of life has been better and safer. The state has officially been named the safest state in the United States of America by the US News and World Report's public safety rankings.

Putting the rights of Mainers ahead of the objections of opponents, Governor Paul LePage signed the bill sponsored by Senator Eric Brakey of Auburn after it won bipartisan approval in the Maine House and Senate

Ranking as the top safest state for violent crime and fourth for property crime, Maine edges out another New England state, Vermont, for the top spot. Of note, Vermont also is a “Constitutional Carry” state. New Hampshire ranks third in the national rankings, giving New England all three of the top spots in the nation.

This is the kind of news that Beto, or should I say Fredo, does NOT want you to know about!