Margaret Atwood: Greta Thunberg is the Environmental 'Joan of Arc'

Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood, who is most famous for her feminist fiction The Handmaid’s Tale, has donned Greta Thunberg as the ‘Joan of Arc of the environment.’

While speaking on Extinction Rebellion Podcast, she spoke highly of Thunberg. She said of the young environmentalist, “She’s wonderful and she’s impervious to people slagging her off."

Atwood added, “She’s sort of the Joan of Arc of the environment. I think she needs a big white horse.”

Like Thunberg, Joan of Arc was a visionary teenager who appeared to have supernatural powers. Thunberg – at least according to her mother – can see carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, even though it’s invisible. Joan of Arc, aka the Maid of Orleans, also had visions – of figures she claimed were Saint Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret, who told her to drive the English out of France during the Hundred Years War.

Not to mention, the English also burned Joan of Arc at the stakes on grounds of "heresy." Last I check, Thunberg was receiving praise from most of the world...except for Americans, who called her out on her crap.

Thunberg is currently stuck in Los Angeles, trying to work out how she can cross the Atlantic to reach the next United Nations climate conference in Madrid, Spain without the use of an aircraft.

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I find this pretty funny considering Thunberg traveled around the world trying to incite fear in everyone about the fake crisis of "global warming." Is the climate changing? Sure it is. That is a natural occurrence though, and nothing we do is going to change it.

Don't get me wrong, we should not litter and recycling is good. However, to think that that we have any real impact on the weather changing is absurd.