Melania Makes a Deal With Donald Trump if He Becomes President

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, is busy with the 2024 US Election Campaign. But if the 78-year-old wins, he might not see his wife Melania Trump much in action.

Melania has made a deal with her husband, reported Page Six. "Melania has made a deal with her husband that if he wins the presidency, she will not have to be on first lady duty 24/7," a source said.

The former First Lady wants more time with her son Barron Trump. The 18-year-old will soon move to a university in New York City. Melania wants to help him adjust to the new life.

The source continued, “Barron has never been completely on his own before. With the stress of being a freshman and potentially the son of a president, she wants to be close. The added attention he'll get worries Melania. She is also concerned about the reaction at his school over Barron's Secret Service detail.”

Melania Trump has been an extremely protective mother. She even pushed back on the idea of Barron serving as a Republican delegate from Florida.

Meanwhile, Trump has taken a lead in the polls after a disastrous showing by Biden in their recent presidential debate.