Midwest State Waives Fees, Offers 5-Year Concealed Carry Licenses for FREE

Wow, I am pretty close to Indiana. Now I want to hop that state line and become a citizen!

The Midwest state announced that as of July 1, 2020, fees for the five-year handgun licenses will be waived. They want to ensure that Americans have the ability to practice their Second Amendment rights, despite financial difficulties during coronavirus.

The bill's co-author, Rep. Ben Smaltz, stressed the importance “removing financial barriers to someone being able to exercise their Second Amendment right is very important.”

Conservative Fighters reports:

Fox 59 reports the bill to waive the fees was put forward by State Rep. Jim Lucas (R). It takes effect today and means Indiana residents who want the state’s “Unlimited License” can get it with benefit of having no state and local fees.

The “Unlimited License” allows Indiana residents to enjoy reciprocity with 32 other states, which means they can carry a handgun for self-defense in each of those states simply by having the Indiana license.

Smaltz pointed out other aspects of the new law include recognizing a churches’ prerogative to make their own decisions on whether to allow congregants to be armed for self-defense, versus a statewide statute barring church carry.

Another part of the law puts “civil immunity” in place for Indiana residents who use their guns in a justifiable scenario.

The NRA-ILA praised the dismissal of fees for concealed carry and noted that Reps. Lucas and Smaltz “are both NRA Defender of Freedom award recipients.”

If only every state would follow suit!

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