Mini Mike: I'm the NRA's 'Enemy'

Democrat presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg just made a whole new set of people who dislike him: those who support the second amendment!

Mini Mike said on Monday that he is the National Rifle Associate's (NRA) "enemy" and added that fellow candidate Bernie Sanders is their "buddy."

Bloomberg tweeted, “I’ve been the NRA’s #1 enemy for decades. Bernie’s been the NRA’s buddy for decades.”

The video in his tweet shows footage of him fighting our Second Amendment rights for the past two decades. Is that really a man you want in office? One who is proud to be anti-constitutional rights?

Breitbart reports:

Bloomberg did not include a link to the audio of his February 6, 2015, Aspen Institute speech, wherein he claimed that “all the crime” is in minority areas and bluntly said of young minorities, “throw them against the wall and frisk them.”

Nor did he include video of a 2013 WOR interview in which he suggested cops “disproportionately stop whites too much, and minorities too little.”

Bloomberg and Sanders are pushing very similar gun control agendas. A key difference is that Sanders admits that gun controls like an “assault weapon” ban are just the start.

We don't need either of them in office! Just earlier this month Sanders was quoted by Breitbart stating that he will “make certain that we end the sale and distribution of ‘assault weapons’ in this country.” He added, “And we go further, we go further, but the bottom line is that I will not be intimidated by the NRA.”

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