Mom of Marine Killed in Afghanistan Blows a Fuse on Biden

As President Joe Biden's disastrous "withdrawal" from Afghanistan that got 13 Marines killed wasn't bad enough, he did not even mention them once during the State of the Union address.

Then to rub salt in the wound, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that Biden did not have enough time to mention them. He had the time to talk about gun control and deer in kevlar vests, which that could have been cut short (or completely) to mention the Marines. It's all about priority,

Shana Chappell, mother of Marine Lance Corporal Kareem Nikoui, who was one of the 13 fallen heroes, absolutely exploded on Biden, as she should:

@joebiden did you already forget that you put 13 kids in flagged draped coffins you piece of sh*t??? You disrespectful mother effer, SAY OUR KIDS NAMES!!!!! Do you remember this day in Dover??? I do!!!

“I had to watch my son be taken off a plane while my heart felt like it was being ripped from my chest and you stood there checking your watch over and over again like being there was taking up to much of your precious time! I will never get to hug my son again, i will never hear his beautiful laugh, he won’t get to have a family of his own, he is forever 20 and it’s your fault Biden and your military advisors faults!!! You don’t even care! All you care about is continuing to destroy our country from within! You are a weak, spineless, traitor, coward piece of sh*t!!! America hates you!!! I hate you!


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You are why my son is dead! You are why all 13 are dead! Their blood is on your hands and you know it, that’s why you refuse to say their names!!You are a lying,liar who lies and you are no friend of #jesus !! There’s a special place in Hell for you Biden! You and your corrupt administration are going down one way or another! I’ve had enough of you and your bullshit! You are nobody Biden, you are not the president!! Cheating isn’t winning and lying never becomes the truth!

“Oh and f*** you @instagram because i know u will censor and shadow ban d the shit out of this post!

“Biden When you got my son killed you also killed a piece of me. You and your administration full of clowns are an embarrassment and disgrace to our country!"

“I would say let’s have a face to face meeting but u and i already did that and you showed me in person you could care less what happened to my son! I can’t speak for what the other parents thought of u but i thought u were weak and a poor excuse for a man! #neverforget #saytheirnames #13 #fjb #cheating isn’t #winning #lies never become #truth #marinemom #heroesofkabul my heart screams in pain daily for my son! If any of you are offended by this post then i am sorry that i am not sorry. 13 dead US service members offend me,Biden offends me!! All 13 should still be here!!! This was avoidable!!!”

My heart hurts for her and the families of all 13 of the service members who were needlessly killed. None of this would have happened if we still had Donald Trump in the White House.

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