Move Over Fauxcahontas, a REAL Native American Woman is Running for Office

Senator Elizabeth Warren, AKA Fauxcahontas, may claim to be an Indian, but she's not fooling anyone! It's time for her to step aside and make way for a REAL Native American in politics!

Last week it was reported that Navajo Nation businesswoman Karen Bedonie filed her papers with the Federal Election Commission. She is seeking the GOP nomination for northern New Mexico's U.S. House seat.

The hopeful candidate is a strong supporter of veteran healthcare, first responders, and the second amendment.

"I believe every free American has the right to protect what is theirs; their homes, their children, their property, their children, and their person." Bedonie said, "The beginning of the regulation of arms is the beginning of the end."

According to her campaign site, she is also pro-life, a small business advocate, and supports LEGAL immigration.

Her stance on abortion: "I believe if we think purely and only of the child, abortion would become a dark practice of the past.  Abortion is a radical act that should not be placed on the shoulders of taxpayers, ever. And we should not be funding those who engage in abortive means like Planned Parenthood, regardless of their side hustles.

Her stance on small businesses: "The small businesses of America make our economy turn.... America needs small businesses to flourish for it is the people that will save America."

Her stance on immigration: "Immigration in a LEGAL organized manner. This is how migration should be carried out. Even in our Native Dineh culture, we must do all things in a good way. A safe, organized and healthy way for everyone involved."

Bedonie is covering all her bases as she also slams socialism, and believes Americans need to stand up against it. "I grew up in the mess of Democratic socialism.  It's a neverending cycle of program dependence and poverty. I know the outcome of government medical care for all, government red-tape on life and choice, government control of your family, your finances, your food, and your freedom." she added,  "All of America must not go there.  I am here to turn America away from socialistic imprisonment."

If she wins the election, Bedonie will become the first Republican Native American female in Congress.