Warren Upset: Debate Should have Focused on Trans Women of Color

Senator Elizabeth Warren wants everyone to know just how disappointed she is that Tuesday night’s Dem debate lacked conversation on “how trans women, particularly trans women of color, are at risk.”

In fact, she had a whole list of things that were not covered during the CNN debate but that she felt should have been. The list included gun violence, black infant mortality, and the risks that “trans women of color” face.

Warren said, “I sat here in the break and just made notes about many of the things we didn’t get to talk about tonight: how the disability community is struggling for true equality; how gun violence and active shooter drills worry every mother in this country; how children are living in poverty and seeing their life chances shrink.”

Pocahontas continued, “How trans women, particularly trans women of color, are at risk; black infant mortality; climate change that particularly hits black and brown communities; people who are being crushed by student loan debt; farmers who are barely holding on; people struggling with mental illness.“

Well for one, I’d say the black infant mortality rate is high because that demographic is heavily targeted for vaccines and abortion. Gun violence would probably entail her advocating to take guns away from law abiding citizens. As for “trans women of color,” I honestly have no idea why that would be brought up in a presidential debate at all.

Interestingly enough, she didn’t comment on the lack of coverage on immigration. A topic that Americans actually care about and want to know how a person in a position of power is prepared to handle it.

“And it’s filled with hope because I see this as our moment in history, our moment when no one is left on the sidelines, our moment when we understand that it comes to us to decide the future of this country, our moment when we build the movement to make real change,” Warren concluded.