Nancy Pelosi Defends Fellow Democrat's Right to Call Trump a 'Mother F*cker,' Bashed Trump For Calling MS-13 'Animals'

When Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib was sworn in on Thursday, it was interesting to say the least.  After her swearing in she told an angry mob of her supporters, "We're going to go in and impeach this motherf*cker!" Then Nancy Pelosi defends her right to say this.

Sure, she has the right to do that. Is it Nancy Pelosi's place to step in and do that? Absolutely not, but the left has came completely unglued since President Trump was sworn in.

Even worse, the crowd went wild when she said it.

While speaking to the press on Friday, Pelosi defended Rep. Tlaib's right to call President Trump a "mother f*cker."

When Joy Reid of MSNBC asked Pelosi about Tlaib's outburst, she replied that she's “not in the censorship business.”

Remember, this is the same woman that went nuts when President Trump called MS-13 "animals."

Per Real Clear Politics:

Pelosi says Trump’s comments as reported are a new low, and make her wonder if the president believes “we are all God’s children” or not.

“When the president of the United States says about undocumented immigrants, ‘these are not people, these are animals,’ you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity? In the dignity and worth of every person? ‘These are not people, these are animals,’ from the president of the United States.”

So calling MS-13 animals is bad, but calling President Trump a "mother f*cker" is off limits? Alright, Nancy, we got it.