Nancy Pelosi Says Illegals Will 'Tunnel' Under the Wall, Dan Crenshaw Humiliates Her

It hasn't been the best week for Nancy Pelosi. First there was this creepy address with Chuck Schumer. Now she's taken things to another level.

Pelosi voiced her latest refusal for the wall: people will tunnel under it.

Previously people said they would buy a giant escalator. Those people were being sarcastic, though. The Speaker of the House is dead serious with her tunnels theory.

Luckily someone was willing to step in and slam her with some truth. That man just happened to be American hero Dan Crenshaw.

There was a hilarious take on this at Louder with Crowder:

I know Crenshaw is new here, but no. No, we can’t have a serious conversation now. If it’s an issue being debated in Congress, a serious conversation is out of the question. We’re strictly going to focus on tunnels, how they’re made, and what to do with the extra dirt. Specifically how illegal immigrants will hide sacks of dirt in their pants and spread it about randomly in front of the Germans. My favorite part is when Esteban McQueeno tries jumping a motorbike over Trump’s wall.


Not that we don’t appreciate Danny Boy trying.

We definitely appreciate Dan Crenshaw trying. If for no other reason that exposes her stupidity further.