Nancy Pelosi: 'Trump is Assaulting Our Constitution'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke during a press briefing on Wednesday, and absurdly referred to President Trump's actions as “an assault on the Constitution.” Bless her heart, she's too ignorant to know how she really sounds!

Pelosi said, “We take this to be a sad time for the American people, for our country, impeaching a president or having the investigation is not anything to be joyful about. I do not know if anybody is joyful. It is a sad time."

"As you have heard me say, the dark days of the revolution, Thomas Payne said, ‘the times have found us.’ We think they have found us now." She continued, "Not that we place ourselves in the category of greatness of our founders, but we place ourselves in a time of urgency on the threat to the Constitution, a system of checks and balances that is being made. It is."

"They fought for independence, and they fought and won and established a democracy. Thank God they made the Constitutional amendable so we could be expanding freedom. We see the actions of this president being an assault on the Constitution." Pelosi added, "Once we had his admission, we had no choice but to go forward. It is hard. We want to be fair as we go forward."

She concluded, "We could not be better served than by the leadership of our chairman of the intelligence committee, Adam Schiff.”

Really? She is endorsing and praising Adam Schiff? Are we living in the matrix or....what? There's no way this is real life.

Here is a clip of the press conference, which was given on Capital Hill: