Pelosi Plan: Allow Businesses to Hire Illegals Despite 33M Americans Unemployed

Leave it to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the do-nothing-Dems to put illegal aliens over the American people, once again.

Pelosi's newest coronavirus relief package has a stipulation that protects illegal aliens from being deported as long as, wait for it, they take (American) jobs in "essential critical infrastructure work."

In other words, if House Republicans want to pass a relief package to help Americans in need during this plandemic, then they must agree to amnesty for illegal aliens who take "essential" American jobs. Despite the fact that they are trying to help the 33 million Americans who are currently unemployed.

Breitbart reports:

Specific provisions of the plan ensure that illegal aliens taking essential American jobs are provided with deferred action and authorized for employment, effectively halting Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) ability to deport them.

Likewise, the House Democrat plan provides business with a major giveaway by suspending the Department of Labor’s ability to prosecute an employer that hires illegal aliens over unemployed Americans.

The plan would also ensure that millions of illegal aliens with taxpayer-identification numbers are able to secure $1,200 cash payments of U.S. taxpayer money — funds meant for struggling Americans.

“House Democrats prioritizing foreign workers, legal and illegal, over unemployed and underemployed Americans in the middle of a crisis is shameful,” NumbersUSA President Roy Beck said.“Instead of focusing on helping 33 million unemployed Americans get back to work, the so-called Heroes Act uses the COVID-19 pandemic to give amnesty — and cash payments — to illegal foreign workers in the United States."

I agree. This is absolutely shameful. Democrats should be fully embarrassed of how they are acting.

Not to mention, it is just counter productive to pass relief packages for struggling, unemployed Americans but then allow illegals to take their jobs. If people want to come to the land of the free (if we can even still call it that once this tyranny is over) then they can do it the legal way! This is a country filled with opportunity for people who put in the work. If you can't even put in the work to become a citizen then you don't deserve to reap the benefits.

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