NC County Reopens Businesses Despite Stay-at-Home Order

Despite Governor Roy Cooper’s stay-at-home orders, North Carolina’s Gaston County announced on Wednesday that they will be signing an order to allow businesses in the county to reopen on April 29 at 5:00pm.

Commission Chairman Tracy Philbeck stated that the county leaders are  “letting our folks know we support them going back to work.”

“We’re going to put our people to work and we’re going to do it in a health-minded way,” Philbeck continued, “We have learned that social distancing works. We’ve learned that with strict sanitation, strict hygiene, it works.”

Per the Charlotte Observer:

The order says vulnerable people should continue to stay home. Other people should keep their distance from others, it says, and avoid gatherings of 10 or more where social distancing isn’t practical. Employers should continue to encourage telework.

Schools and youth activities that are now closed should stay closed, the order says, and bars remain closed. But the order allows theaters, restaurants, churches, sporting venues and gyms to operate with social distancing and elective surgeries to resume.

“If you don’t wanna open your business, you don’t have to,” Philbeck concluded. “We can protect the health of our citizens while at the same time putting our citizens back at work”:

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