NFL Fan Heads to McDonald's for 24 Hours as Part of Punishment for Losing in Fantasy Football

Managers of fantasy football leagues have a new idea for last-place prizes next season.

Joe DeLeone, a college football and draft analyst for Bleav, went viral on X. He had to eat his way through the McDonald's menu as punishment for losing his fantasy football league.

DeLeone shared his eight-hour ordeal online, documenting his struggle to eat enough food to leave the restaurant. The league's rules required it.

The experience gained traction as DeLeone posted about the challenges, like ordering a dozen hash browns at once.

During his multiple breakfasts, DeLeone even did several media interviews from McDonald's.

"It was just cool to see how everyone was supporting this," DeLeone said after finishing the challenge. "It's just a fun, stupid thing to do in the offseason. Definitely was stupid, though. I'm gonna go lay down."

Managers now have 82 days to come up with creative punishments for their leagues. The 2024 NFL season kicks off on September 5 with a rematch of the AFC Championship Game between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs.