Wendy's Responds to 'Surge Pricing' Backlash

Wendy's is setting the record straight on menu price rumors. The company announced a $20 million investment in digital menu boards for real-time price updates.

The move aims for flexibility in displaying featured items, not price hikes during peak times. "We have no plans to do that and would not raise prices when our customers are visiting us most," Wendy's clarified.

Digital boards will allow for menu changes and deals, especially during slower periods. Wendy's emphasizes its commitment to quality food at good value.

This clarification follows Wendy's CEO Kirk Tanner's mention of "dynamic pricing" in a recent earnings call. The plan includes rolling out digital menus across U.S. locations by 2025.

Tanner outlined future tests of dynamic pricing and AI-driven menu changes. Media coverage spotlighted these potential updates.

A Wendy's spokesperson confirmed plans to explore dynamic pricing and AI features by 2025. This could enhance competitiveness and customer experience.

Social media users have mixed reactions, with some criticizing the concept as price gouging. Wendy's insists dynamic pricing will offer flexibility and value, aiming to improve the customer and crew experience.