Not just Confederate Statues: Thugs Destroy Holocaust Memorial

Last week in California, vandals destroyed a memorial fountain dedicated to the survivors of the Holocaust. Investigators have yet to determine if it was an "act of hate," but I don't see how it could be considered anything else.

Santa Rosa Police Sgt. Dave Linscomb said that it appears the fountain was pushed off of its foundation, and declared that anyone charged in the case will be punished to the full extent of the law.

It will also be considered a hate crime if anti-Semitic motives are found.

“If there is something more to it, we’d go that direction,” Linscomb said. “But that needs to be vetted out with the investigation when we get a hold of who did this.”

The fountain, which was found on the ground in broken pieces, was “part of a memorial created for the late Lillian Judd and her husband Emil, beloved figures in the local Jewish community who survived Nazi concentration camps during World War II,” The Press Democrat reported. “Jews visiting the northeast Santa Rosa cemetery used the fountain for ritual washing and cleansing.”

Dennis Judd, who commissioned a mosaic that was constructed behind the fountain, responded to the incident. “That’s what led up to the Holocaust and genocides — people hating and getting angry,” said Judd. “Mom always spoke about forgiveness. It’s sad to see somebody or a group of people would go and tear it down.”

“The hope that mom had was to teach the kids and teach the adults about peace,” Judd added. “That’s the thing we need to push on. Maybe the community can come together and help us resurrect the fountain and make it a place of healing. That was always the message for (Lillian).”

The apparent vandalism of the fountain comes as rioters have destroyed monuments across the nation in recent days, including statues of three former U.S. Presidents: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.

The destruction of America’s history by left-wing rioters has earned sharp criticism from the right and even some on the left.

Paul Krugman, a left-wing columnist for The New York Times, has called out the increasingly extreme acts of vandalism, writing on Twitter Sunday regarding the destruction of a statue of Grant: “As it happens, here’s the book I started reading a few days ago. I’ve long been a Grant groupie; he was imperfect, but without him there would have been no emancipation — and he fought the Klan. Leave his statues alone!”

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