Costco Customers Rushing In To Try Their 'Secret Menu' Item

Costco's food court is a dreamland for many members. It's packed with favorites that are both tasty and affordable. You won't need your last $20 here.

Changes have come and gone at the food court. Some loved, some hated. Yet, the staples remain. The hot dog combo is still $1.50. The pizza is as delicious as ever. The vanilla fudge sundae is a perfect treat.

Besides the usual favorites, there are secret items. One of these is the Chicken Bake Pizza. It’s a hit among those in the know. And now, the secret is out.

TikTok user @therussianonig shared the Chicken Bake Pizza. His video has fans drooling. It’s a must-try for Costco lovers.

"They're gonna deny when you call in," Shapiro says in his video. "But give them code 69247, and they’ll ring you up."

@therussianonig Costco Hidden Menu ???? #costco #pizza #69247 #chickenbake #chickenpizza #secretmenu ♬ original sound - Allen Shapiro

Naturally, the video sparked questions. Some viewers doubted the secret. Actual Costco employees claimed no knowledge of secret items.

Some said the code varies by location. In California, it's different. Others mentioned it’s an employee-only perk.

In the end, getting the Chicken Bake Pizza depends on luck and location. Many Costco stores now use kiosks. You won’t be able to type in a secret code yourself.