Nunes Vows to Send CNN and Daily Beast 'Running for Cover'

Rep. Devin Nunes is going after CNN and The Daily Beast after they made reports that tied him to meeting with the Ukrainians. He expressed his anger while speaking to Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel's "Hannity," and vowed to take down the news stations in federal court.

Nunes said that the the outlets will "run for cover," and that he won't give up until they are held accountable.

“Like we’ve seen so many times over the last three years, every time House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee come up with real information and put it out there, what do they do?” Nunes told Hannity, “They smear the messenger. And the problem that CNN has this time and The Daily Beast — look, I understand the last week and a half was a disaster for them. It was a train wreck for them."

Nunes continued, "So what do they have to do? They had to come out and say, ‘Well, look Devin Nunes was the one meeting with this Ukrainians.’ So, sorry, CNN. It’s totally false. So we put out a very clear statement after the story came out on Friday night saying it’s demonstrably false, total fake news.”

“I will tell you, Sean, for all of the last three years, including the Russia hoax to the Ukraine hoax, this is the mother of all fake news stories,” he added. “There is not one bigger than this. And so, next week we are going to take them to court. They will have an opportunity to come to court so that we can subpoena each other. We get discovery and sit people down for depositions."

"I have a bet for you, Sean — CNN and The Daily Beast are going to run for cover. They’re going to fight this. They are not going to show up in court. They’re not going to accept service." Nunes concluded, "At the end of the day, I’m going to track them down and I’m going to hold them accountable because this has gone on for too long, and this is the only way we’re going to be able to get retribution and be able to seek fairness and transparency in the media is by holding them accountable.”