NY Lawmaker Pushes Free Abortions at College Campuses

State Assemblyman Harvey Epstein (not to be confused Jeffrey Epstein!) is a pro-choice Democrat who is pushing for colleges to offer free abortions. That way you never have to miss class to kill your babies. You can conveniently end another human's life and still make it to your 2pm lecture.

It's absurd for someone to even mention or propose that! His bill would force New York public colleges to offer free abortion drugs to students.

Life News reports: 

New York Assembly Bill 8743 would require abortion drugs to be provided up to 10 weeks of pregnancy at all State University of New York schools. It also would create a new fund with taxpayer dollars to run the pro-abortion program.

The state already has 87 abortion facilities, the second highest of any state in the country. But, according to Campus Reform, Epstein wants even easier access; he said students should be able to get abortions without missing class.

The legislation comes less than a year after New York politicians passed a radical pro-abortion law allowing unborn babies to be aborted for basically any reason up to birth. The law drew massive national outrage for stripping away basically all protections for unborn babies and some for women, too.

As a mother of a seven week old child, I absolutely could not imagine having an abortion. On top of that, it's unfathomable to me that people have late term abortions. They carry that child around until the third trimester, feeling the kicks and hiccups of life inside them, and still choose to rip that life away. How monstrous can a person truly be??

NYU College Republicans member Bobby Miller said that the bill is an “absolute travesty.” He continued, “Modern medical innovation has torpedoed the left’s narrative that a fetus isn’t an independent being."

“I am worried college campuses in NYS will become the latest in a long line of abortion victims. Sadly, the New York State legislators have repeatedly chosen to disregard scientific facts to forward their radical agenda," Miller added.

I truly hope this bill does not pass.