Patrick Mahomes Responds to Viral Photo of Him Showing Off His Dad Bod

Patrick Mahomes just boosted dad confidence worldwide with a single photo. Yet, he's not thrilled about it.

He led the Kansas City Chiefs to another Super Bowl, celebrating big in the locker room. Cameras caught it all on 'Inside The NFL.'

Amidst the euphoria, Coach Andy Reid rallied the team. Then, a shirtless Mahomes jumped in, "Great job today, but we ain't done yet!" His words? Typical locker room stuff. His look? Not so much.

Mahomes sported a dad bod, a surprise to fans used to chiseled athletes. He wasn't the sculpted quarterback many expected.

But hey, guess what? I share Mahomes' physique. And I bet a bunch of 30-somethings with a love for cold snacks do too. Sure, he outshines us in football, but we're physique twins.

Mahomes took to X, the new Twitter, laughing off his viral shirtless fame.

Even a top athlete like Mahomes isn't immune to the dad bod. With two kids and a wife, plus a near $100 million net worth, a little body slack is forgivable, right?