Pedophiles Rebrand as 'Minor-Attracted Persons,' Seek Same Protections as LGBT

I am absolutely appalled and disgusted at the fact that there are people walking this earth who are not only sexually attracted to children, but they also want protections to act on their perversion.

Pedophiles are attempting to rebrand themselves online as 'Minor-Attracted Persons' and re-categorize their sickening fetish as a "harmless sexual preference." Do they really think it's harmless to the child to be groomed and raped?

MEAWW reports:

As per the findings of the investigation, every day hundreds of social accounts are being set referring to both potential and prolific abusers as “MAPs” - Minor-Attracted Persons. The rebranding is reportedly an attempt by them to detach themselves from the “stigma” attached to the word pedophile. The report has claimed that anonymous users have also come up with their own rainbow “MAP Pride” flag, with some even arguing that they should be celebrated as a niche group alongside the LGBT community.

Not just that, the anonymous users have also created their slogan just like the LGBT community. Some of those slogans are, “#MAPPride” and “#Mappositivity”, reportedly seen as an aim to present pedophilia as part of society’s wider move towards sexual freedom. The unidentified users have posted memes online proclaiming “Gay MAPs are amazing” and cartoon characters saying, “Repost if you think maps should be able to date minors.” One such account was @SandMapMinorva, which has now been suspended. The message posted on that account read: “Minor-attraction is natural.”

The Mail also discovered during their investigation that the anonymous accounts are not using real profile photos, but rather cartoon avatars, and mention that their children of preference are as young as "two to seven."

“They are a fiendish group of sub-humans and they will find no haven in the LGBTQ community. We utterly rebuke their delusional and evil claims,” gay rights campaigner Otep Shamaya said.

I can tell you right now that if a pedophile ever, EVER, touched my child, they would be a dead pedophile. I don't care if I spend the rest of my life in prison for it.

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