AZ Education Chief Gives Chilling Warning: 'Get Your Kids Out of Public School Now'

Wow. Former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas gave a chilling warning to parents during an interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman about what is going on in public schools across America.

Douglas, who oversaw the state Department of Education, is truly sounding the alarm, and tells parents to get their children out of public school immediately!

To combat the dumbing down of children and the promotion of globalism and extreme obscenity and sexualization, the best thing parents can do is remove their children from public school in favor of homeschooling or private schools, she said.

Douglas ran to repeal the Common Core national education standards, but the powers that be did everything possible to sabotage her efforts. Douglas also made clear that Common Core was not the only problem. “It’s so far beyond Common Core,” she said, warning about a “global agenda” infecting the schools.

“This is part of a 100 year or 150 year battle for the souls of our children,” Douglas said,  “John Dewey was very clear, his intent was to change our society and make sure our children were un- or under-educated.”

“Frankly, if kids can read and do those basic things, they don't ever need a teacher again,” she continued, and said that Phonics is the best way to teach them. “They can learn anything they want to for the rest of their lives.”

Despite opposition from the education establishment, she was able to make some progress, such as restoring phonics and cursive while removing obscene literature. But much of the horrible content was preserved, Douglas said, adding that students are taught not even to question evolution or consider both sides of the argument.

The sexualization of children is now one of the most important battles in the state’s government schools.

She also urged parents to get a copy of The New American magazine’s Special Report on “Rescuing Our Children.” “What took many years to learn, and many many volumes of books, they can get the Reader’s Digest version and understand what we are facing, and how far it goes back,” she said, calling for parents to homeschool or use a private school.

“Understand the battle we’re fighting. I wish I had had the courage to homeschool my daughter, but I was chicken at the time.” Douglas added, this is truly “the battle of our lifetime."

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