Pelosi: I’ll ‘Probably’ Send Over Impeachment Articles ‘Soon’

Oh dear Nancy Pelosi is taking her sweet time in sending over the articles of impeachment to the Senate. In fact, the house speaker said that she will “send them over” when she is “ready.” In other words, she knows that the Senate will issue a fair and speedy trial, and she is not ready for Trump to be deemed innocent.

The whole point of the impeachment is because Democrats are scared they will not beat Trump, and they are right. They won’t be able to beat him. The only way they could is if he was impeached and removed from office, which obviously isn’t going to happen.

During a press conference on Thursday, she said the she won’t onto the articles “indefinitely,” and that she will “probably” send them over “soon.” Keyword there being “probably.”

Pelosi said, “I’m not holding them indefinitely. I’ll send them over when I’m ready. And that will probably be soon. … We want to see what they’re willing to do, and the manner in which they will do it.”

“We want to see what they’re willing to do and the manner in which they are willing to do it,” she added, alluding to the president’s actions while waiting for the articles to be sent over. She also said that he is afraid of “documents, facts, [and] truth.”

Watch for yourself: