People Buzzing About Costco Knock-Off of Fan Favorite Food Court

Skechers might soon gain fame for more than just footwear, as a California-based store introduced its own concession stand reminiscent of Costco — and it's a hit with the crowds.

The "Food Spot" by the warehouse shoe brand, situated in a Gardena store, is a raised outdoor dining area that sees customers forming queues around the premises, eager to take a respite from their shopping spree. The menu boasts items like hotdogs, burgers, churros, and even pizza, among others.

Its straightforward menu design coupled with the blue-and-red color scheme has drawn comparisons to the well-loved Costco food court.

As reported by KTLA, the offerings are "a bit tastier and a touch more expensive [than Costco’s], but one that doesn’t necessitate a membership for access." On the menu are all-beef hot dogs priced at $2.50, a double smashburger at $5, slices of pepperoni pizza for $3, and soft-serve sundaes going for $4.

SFGate reports that an innovative business strategy was discreetly rolled out at a Skechers store located at the intersection of Vermont Avenue and West 190th Street on May 3.

About 900 square feet of the store's space underwent transformation to house the commercial kitchen, paving the way for the Food Spot. Subsequently, seasoned professionals from the restaurant and food sectors, along with accredited management, were brought onboard.

Joe Fields, the senior manager overseeing domestic retail for both Skechers and the Food Spot, informed KTLA that apart from its french fries, all items in the restaurant are freshly prepared upon order.

Skechers CEO Michael Greenberg conveyed that this "beautiful concept" had always been a part of his vision. Now, families visiting for shoe shopping can simultaneously relish a meal at the same location.

In a chat with Eater, Greenberg shared, "Years ago we thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a food concession?" He added, "I envisioned turning shoe shopping into a family excursion. The spot witnesses a significant volume of customers and attracts immense footfall."

"They come to visit the Food Spot, and they have to visit the shoe store. When they come to visit the store, they have to eat. All in all, it’s a beautiful concept. We’re very pleased," Greenberg added.

Established in 1992, Skechers ranks as the third-biggest footwear company in the U.S.

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